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EMERGE™ PC and PC/ABS Advanced Resins

Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type PC, PC/ABS

EMERGE™ PC and PC/ABS resins from Trinseo encompass a family of advanced resins specifically targeted to meet the complex requirements of the growing Electrical and Lighting industries.

General info

EMERGE™ is mostly composed of polycarbonate, compounds and PC/ABS blends including ignition resistant and glass filled specialties. They offer a distinct balance of performance characteristics, including enhanced physical properties and aesthetical appearance, long term colour stability, better processability, improved ignition resistance and recyclability.

EMERGE™ advantages:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Ignition resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Transparency (PC)
  • Surface quality
  • High gloss
  • Dimensional stability
  • Electrical properties

EMERGE™ advanced resins are specifically designed to help you develop low cost solutions that deliver maximised end-use performance.

Main EMERGE™ markets

  • Consumer electronics
  • Electrical & Lighting
  • Consumer goods


TV, lap top monitor enclosures, portable hand-held devices, LCD panels, CPU fans, keypads, adapters and chargers, copiers, printers, insulation films for electronic and electrical lap top components, electrical switchgear, electricity meters.


GradePolymerMFI rangeProperties
EMERGE™ 8100 PC 10 + 15 Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.0 mm)
EMERGE™ 8200 PC 3… 31 Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.5 mm)
EMERGE™ 8300 PC 3… 22 Flame retardant V0 (2.5 mm)
EMERGE™ 8400 PC 3… 31 Flame retardant V0 (3.0 mm)
The second-last number of the grade code means: 1 – with Mould Release Agent, 3 – withMould Release Agent + UV additivation (e.g. Emerge 8110, Emerge 8230)
EMERGE™ 8702 PC 5 + 15 Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.5 mm), 20% glass filled
EMERGE™ 8701 HH PC 8 Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.5 mm), 12% glass filled
EMERGE™ 7570 PC/ABS 95 (260°C/5 Kg) Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.5 mm)
EMERGE™ 7570EP PC/ABS 48 (220°C/10 Kg) Opaque, flame retardant V0 (1.5 mm), improved flow properties


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