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Producer: INEOS
Polymer type SMMA

NAS® and ZYLAR® SMMA products from Styrolution deliver proven performance in a wide range of transparent applications, and consistently reduce total production costs.

ZYLAR® 631 is the next generation of clear impact-modified acrylic copolymers for injection moulding.

General info

NAS® and ZYLAR® SMMA main characteristics:

  • Sparkling clarity
  • Colour & decorate easily – pre-colour available
  • Excellent resistance to alcohol, blood & lipids
  • Practical toughness
  • Easy to process
  • FDA, ISO 10993 and USP Class VI compliant


  • Medical applications such as blood filters and metering devices
  • Appliance and electronics such as computer/printer peripherals, floor care products and house wares
  • Commercial applications
  • Consumer markets, e.g. cosmetic packaging, toys and mechanical pencils