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VELVEX™ PP Compounds

Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type PP compounds

VELVEX™ reinforced elastomers, for unpainted interior trim applications, offer better scratch-and-mar resistance and a uniform low gloss than established materials such as most talc-filled PP, PA/ABS or ABS products.

General info

VELVEX™ offers an opportunity for premium surfaces, supporting the impression of luxury in vehicle interiors. Until now, the industry has had to choose between unpainted materials that could not offer satisfying scratch resistance or uniform gloss, and painted parts which demonstrate a good performance but increased cost because of the need for an additional painting step.

VELVEX™ closes the gap between the need to balance both technical and aesthetic performance – and at affordable costs.

VELVEX™ properties:

  • Good texture reproduction across the part surface
  • Less tiger-striping and core side feature read-through (ribs, lifters, etc)
  • Better melding together of flow fronts and texture reproduction
  • Less visual damage and colour or gloss change after scratch and mar
  • Low sound transfer
  • Improved “soft feel” surfaces


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